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Everybody focuses on Natsu and Lucy, sometimes Levy, when it comes to the Draconic Era. But what about everyone else? What about Bisca and Alzack fighting to save their baby girl? What about Juvia losing Gray and Gajeel losing her? What about Erza and Jellal reuniting only to die beside one and other with their mutual feelings out in the open for the first time? What about the Raijinshuu fearing for Laxus’ life? What about Elfman dying for Lisanna to prevent the past from repeating? What about Flare and the Giants? What about Rogue and Sting? What about Kagura smiling up at the ghost of Simon who reaches down to take her hand? What about Lyon and the others? These are thoughts I have when I want to torment myself sometimes. Pretty much everybody died. Lucy and Levy endured a lot of heartache to save the future because look at all those deaths. I can bet Natsu wasn’t the only person Lucy watched die.


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Adding too the Natsus change of attitude towards Lucy, do you think he doesn't think of her as strong and capable but weaker and he needs to treat her as a more fragile and need to be protected person?


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On Lucy’s strength and Natsu’s attitude towards it

Oh no, not at all! We’ve seen Natsu acknowledge Lucy’s strength countless times.


Like here, already at an early point of our story, and later on, when Lucy has grown so much stronger both physically and psychologically:


During the GMG, he complimented and encouraged Lucy after her undeserved loss. You were amazing.

At this point, his attitude towards her has changed drastically and their relationship is a very close one. He has protected her countless times and will of course continue to do so, but I don’t think this desire stems from any lack of strength on her part. 

Even the strongest people need protecting sometimes, and receiving support from your friends is not a sign of weakness.Wanting to protect a person you care deeply about has nothing to do with their own strength.

Rather, it has to do with his own sense of failure at protecting her, especially when it comes to f!Lucy. His inability to prevent her death must have left him deeply scarred. Or look at what happened at Tenrou, when she refused to run away and leave him. His face was one of shock and worry. In the end, he always managed to turn the situation around, but that does not mean he does not resent himself for not being able to help when it was needed. He does not like to see her hurt.

And while he does know that she is strong, he also knows that she is not the most experienced of fighters and usually does not charge head on into fights. He just wants to be near her and make sure she’s okay, because he could not stand if anything happened to her.

Never does he treat her as a more fragile person. He has always believed in her and let her do her own thing. He is not overprotective or patronizing, but simply wants to keep her out of harms way as much as possible, because nobody wants to see a person they love get hurt.

And then look at where we are now:



This is not someone who wants to protect a weak little girl because she can’t do it herself.

This is someone who acknowledges his friend’s efforts, powers and current impairment, who knows her strengths aswell as her weaknesses and admires her for all of them. Someone who wants to protect her not because she always has to be protected, but because he chooses to.



so for some ungodly reason tumblr staff decided it’d be a good idea to allow flashy gifs or incredibly bright images to be a background for the login screen. a lot of people i know are photosensitive and prone to headaches or other, worse things that can be caused by this. so naturally i wrote a small script to disable those completely. hopefully permanently.

you can find it here. you’ll need the browser extension/addon stylish for it to work, which you should be able to get from the website itself if i remember correctly. hope it helps someone o7

This is seriously so important. I suffer epilepsy and am extremly photosensitive, as I am sure a lot of other epileptics are. Please, spread this around, you could seriously save someone.




You know sweatpants?

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RWBY 30 day challenge - Day 23 - Saddest Moment

Yes, it could’ve been the last part of Episode 15. But no, this shot me through the heart.

Self-esteem issues.